The L.I.F.E. House

(Love, Integrity, Faith, Education)

Student Enrichment Program

Located at:

610 N. 3rd St.

Nashville, TN  37207

Music For Life

July 6th 2018

(a 501 (c) 3 non-proft organization)

The mission of Music for LIFE is to provide a wide range of experiences and a diverse curriculum that will educate students on the path to success in music while creating a center of hope through the performance of popular music.
Academic Enrichment
The academic enrichment program at the LIFE House provides educational opportunities to motivate, educate and challenge students to achieve their highest potential. In addition to tutoring and homework assistance, the center incorporates character education, recreational activities, and goal development to ensure all students are fully developed whole beings. 

Sports For Life​​

"The mission of Sports for LIFE is to provide a safe environment for youth to learn and develop the Intangible Traits of success as well as the fundamental mental and physical skills found in CHAMPIONS in all areas of life