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Dr. Ron Wooding

Board Member

Tamara Woodard Frazier

Coordinator of Special Events

Dr. Thurman Webb

Vice President

Dr. Jewell Winn

Executive Director

Kerry Frazier

 Co-Director of LIFE House

Director of Music Programs

Lisa Joy Petros


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Marie Sueing


Phyllis Davis

Board Member

Corey Harris

 Co-Director of LIFE House

Director of Sports Programs

Larrice 'Trey' Byrd

Assistant Director of Music Programs

The mission of From the Heart Education Foundation is to provide academic, music and sports enrichment before school, after school and during the summer for youth in East Nashville and surrounding communities while enhancing holistic self-awareness, creativity, and academic achievement.

The vision for this foundation began with a conversation about the need for more intimate, intentional enrichment programs for underserved children.  The visionary, Kerry Frazier--moved his family to affordable housing after unsuccessfully finding housing that was safe yet affordable.  After living in the community for one month, he noticed that the kids were roaming the streets with seemingly nothing to do even though there were at least two recreation centers within walking distance.  He talked to a few of the kids and asked them why they were not going to the other centers.  Their response was that they would go there to play ball or simply play.  Because Kerry is an educator and a musician, he referred to his Master's research and was reminded of the importance of the Arts to academic achievement. His uncle, Corey Harris,  is a retired NFL player and Super Bowl Champion.  They began to brainstorm ways to bridge arts, sports, and academics into one program to change lives in this small community.  With the assistance of his mom--an educational leader--the vision was brought to life and the work really began.  Numerous meetings were held with elected officials, organizations, passionate like-minded individuals, etc. to expedite the opening of what is now referred to as the L.I.F.E. House.  The FTH Foundation is the overarching organization that ensures appropriate relationships are developed and sustained in support of the mission.   We teach our community the importance of love, integrity, faith and education. And, most importantly, we do it From the Heart!