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Believe in Yourself!
Don’t give up the fight -
Just keep struggling with all of your might.
Resolve that you will not yield in despair
Your burdens then become lighter to bear.

Believe in Yourself!
And work doubly hard to achieve your goals
Despite every odd.
The faith in one’s self

And the will to succeed

Are the pre-requisites that all of us need

Believe in Yourself!
And be not dismayed
Take courage in those
who have made the grade.

Just keep moving with a resolute will
And you will reach the top
of life’s rugged hill.
Believe in Yourself!

We strive to ensure all students are fully developed whole beings cognitively, linguistically, emotionally, socially, physically, financially, and spiritually. Learning coaches receive academic profiles from the teachers and work one on one with learners to ensure that the enrichment program is an effective academic extension of the school day.

                             Learning the ROPES
R:  (Be) Respectful
I will respect the presence and perspectives of all persons present
O:  (Be) Open
I will remain open to the thoughts, ideas, and activities

P:  (Be) Present
I will remain present, purposeful, and productive by speaking only in the “I am” voice throughout this experience.
E: (Be) Enthusiastic
I will maintain an enthusiastic disposition that is “Love Energy” driven
S:  (Be) Safe

I will help to create and be responsible for maintaining a safe “place” and “space” for all

Academics For LIFE

The academic enrichment program at the LIFE House provides educational opportunities to motivate, educate and challenge students to achieve their highest potential. In addition to tutoring and homework assistance, the center incorporates character education, recreational activities, and goal development to ensure all students are fully developed whole beings.