Foundation Wish List

Sponsor a Child Abroad
FTH takes qualified middle school and high school students abroad for a   biennial international exchange—2016 South America (overwhelming   success), 2018 South Africa, 2020 China--through collaboration with   Tennessee State University and the U S Department of State

Three 15 passenger vans
Vans are needed to transport students to various events throughout the city and region; music students have at least one performance a month; the vans could also be used to enhance the after school program by providing transportation for those families without transportation

Five additional seat licenses for Reasons Recording software
The recording module of our music curriculum has become very popular but the number of students is limited because we only have one seat license; the children are being taught to write better, express themselves lyrically and learn technology that will help them with the traditional pedagogy

Full instrument backline
The backline consists of two keyboards, a full drum set, one small body guitar (youth), bass amp, guitar amp, four cordless mics, one saxophone microphone, recording microphone; we have been fortunate enough to have two performances in one day with two separate groups but the lack of adequate equipment posed a challenge

PA System
The current PA system is being worn and torn due to the number of performances; it would help to have speaker mains, speaker monitors and PA heads

Ten Headphones
The students need the privacy of listening to devices during instructional quiet time; the Music program is sometimes loud and distracting

Ten Kindle Readers
As we encourage self-directed learning after school, students need individual hand held devices to read books, articles and content of interest to help with homework or assignments required by the Music and Sports programming

Nutrition station upgrade
Second Harvest Food Bank has approved us as a site and we are now able to provide our students with snacks before school and after school; cabinets with locks, proper shelving and counter space is needed as soon as possible

Sports Equipment Locker
The locker will allow for the storage and daily use of basic sports and fitness training equipment.